Consultation Hours


We believe the best advice comes from those who have traveled the same road. We connect entrepreneurs with experts who have started their own businesses and are willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and connections.

Business experts offer advice in several areas including legal, accounting, insurance, design specialties, manufacturing and engineering guidance, marketing, and general startup guidance.

Meet Our Experts

Alane Boyd

Marketing & Sales Expert


Third Wednesday or every month

10am - 12pm

Tony Horn

Fundraising Expert


Fourth Wednesday of every month 

1pm -3pm

Matt Campagni

Financial Management Expert



Third Tuesday every month

10am - 12 pm

Ravi Venkataraman

Prototyping Expert


Third Tuesday of every month

 9:30am - 11:30am

Kent Moore

Legal Expert


Second Thursday of every month

3pm - 5pm

Kevin Christopher

IP & Trademark Expert

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Last Friday of every month

1pm - 3pm

Micah Johnson

Software & Technology Expert


First Thursday of every month

10am - 12pm

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