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Our team is pretty talented, so we can cover a lot of ground when it comes to business, event planning, fundraising, marketing, design, and…well, you get the idea. Scroll down to meet the team and to discover what areas we each specialize in!

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Jeff is The Biz Foundry President and our greatest resource for business development, growth, and funding. Jeff can also help you connect with new partners and opportunities across the state thanks to his extensive network of community leaders, business professionals, and business centers.

If you have a question about any stage of your business journey, Jeff is the person you need in your corner.

Tiffany is our Director of Engagement & Outreach. She’s the mastermind behind our events, workshops, fundraising, and community sponsorships.

If you’re planning an event, looking to build you community network, or searching for sponsors; Tiffany can help steer you in the right direction.

She’s also a great leadership mentor!

Haley is the Director of Marketing & Communications here at The Biz Foundry. She’s in charge of our graphic and website design, our digital and print communications, our brand voice, and photography. 

She’s also the person to ask if you need a professional head shot or if you want to learn to use our laser engraver.

Who to meet with?

Business Planning

Grant research & writing

Finding Funding

Pitching to Investors

Customer Discovery



Event Planning

Finding Sponsors

Community Connections

Team Management/Leadership

Graphic Design


Social Media

Email Marketing

Laser Engraver Training

Photography Tips

Professional Headshots

Website Design

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