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May 14, 2018

                                       Marty Maynard, CEO of the fastest-growing community bank in the Upper Cumberland.


Marty Maynard is CEO of one of the fastest growing community banks in Tennessee. Still in his forties, he has led his team (team, not employees- he was very specific about this) of 50 bankers to more than double their assets, be the first local bank in the area to offer advanced technological features (like mobile deposit – they


were the first to offer it in this area), and lead the way in excellent customer care. How has he accomplished this in his short, nine-year stint thus far as the head of American Bank & Trust?

Entrepreneur-style, that’s how.

When he came to American Bank & Trust in 2009, during the middle of the nation’s giant recession, Marty viewed the bank as his own small business. “My approach was basically to look at this as renovating my own small business, and we need to make it grow, make it profitable, find good people. It’s the same fundamentals – we’re just a bank.” Entrepreneurs generally value determination, grit, hard work, collaboration… things Marty naturally absorbed throughout life and applies to the bank. “I may not be very smart,” he laughs, “but I know how to outwork people.” Marty applied the hard work ethic he garnered from farm living as a kid. He plugged in the drive instilled from years of playing basketball – the drive that comes with being on a team and wanting to make it great. He mixed in a love of his home and pride-of-place.  And he is thankful for happening to be in the right places, meeting the right people at the right times.







Marty Maynard (right) with Livingston Academy co-captain Ryan Smith (center), circa 1991. Ironically, these two work on the same team still today, at American Bank & Trust.









Marty was on the junior board of directors at First National Bank when he was still in high school, so he’s been in the banking world for a good long while. In fact, he worked part-time as a teller initially, and as far as we can tell, he was the first male bank teller in Livingston. “Everyone seemed to always be shocked to drive up and see me,” Marty recalls, still able to picture the looks of surprise he would get when cars pulled up to the window.

Throughout the college years, Marty left the teller window and was able to work in every department at First National, giving him the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of every aspect of the bank. CEO of First National, Ron Hyder, was an important mentor for Marty early on as well. Marty is now of course a CEO, himself – of American Bank & Trust. He also serves as the Chamber Board Chair, and is heavily involved with the Highlands Economic Partnership (HEP).

And speaking of the Chamber and the HEP, here’s a fun fact about Marty: He is a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the word, “team.” It seems to be his entrepreneur superpower, and it explains why he enjoys being a part of the Chamber and the HEP.

How does that explain anything, you wonder?

Marty sees the bank as a team; they seek to grow as a team, hold planning meetings as a team, and often make important decisions as a team. Those who work at the bank are not employees, remember? They are team members.




And his “team-mania” goes beyond the bank’s walls; he sees this whole Upper Cumberland region as a team. “That’s actually what I think is one of the coolest things about this area,” he explains. “We seem to understand here that if we work together and everyone gives a little bit more, then this whole area is going to benefit from it. County lines don’t matter. The secret sauce is everybody working together. And I just don’t see that in other areas.”
And we agree, Marty.​

(By the way, how great is that early nineties throwback picture of Marty playing basketball? Think you have a better throwback team photo? Prove it! Let’s see it in the comments.)


                                                                                                              Marty (far right) with some of his American Bank & Trust team members

















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