Marketing: A Millennial's Mindset, part 2

July 3, 2018


Happy Fourth Of July! Welcome back to another week of Marketing: A Millennial’s Mindset. I’m still your host, a millennial.


I’m really excited to talk to you guys about this topic today. It is one that I think is super crucial

for marketing, regardless of generation, but specifically for millenials. So, let’s jump right in.


Last week, I mentioned social media only a wee, little bit. But, this week’s tip is pretty much ALL about it. So, today we are asking:


Is this ad authentic? Or is it just another pointless ad of something I don’t care to give the time of day...


There’s no hiding that millennials are the generation of hipsters. We like our ads like we like our people (and our coffee): REAL. If we see an ad that is stereotypically just like everything else that we’ve grown up having thrown at us, we will nine-out-of-ten-times click away/look away. In fact, 2 out 3 of us actually have these things called Ad Blockers that filter out the ads that have been created in non-authentic formats. Today we are going to discuss a few ways to fix this, and none of them are super conventional, so prepare yourself.


To combat:


Personally, when I think about what I actually purchase, it almost always is thanks to influencer marketing. By definition, influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. If you want to learn more, check out this article I wrote on the topic:


For me, I see REAL people post about things on social media, and then it makes me intrigued to check out the product. However, the rise in influencer marketing has made it extremely common and easy to spot the “paid influencer advertisements.” Which, I’m not a fan of.


The spectrum of influencer marketing is broad, and I want to encourage you to stay on the side of organic rather than paid. The influencer ads that sell me, are the ones from people genuinely expressing their admiration for a product with no sign of compensation for their influence.


The pitfall of this, is that there is no true guarantee for exposure of your brand. In essence, you are basically just hoping that your customers will like your product or service enough to post about it. This essentially is PR, which we will get to soon, but unpaid advertisement is easier for our millennial hearts to take in, and in turn, take all of our money.


I came up with a handful of ways that companies have prompted me to post about them with no promise of compensation, just because I wanted other people to know about them.


  • Making your social media presence good, and noticeable

    • When a brand I admire is super active on social media, it makes me want to post about them. This goes back to the two way convo interacting with a real human we talked about last week.

  • Have content that is re-postable

    • A lot of times, if a brand I like posts a great quote or fun picture representing them, I will repost and tag them. This works GREAT on instagram stories. This brings personality to your brand that makes customers LOVE to support it.

  • The tried and true, giveaway scheme

    • There is nothing wrong with using a fun, intriguing giveaway to get people to follow and post about you on social media.



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