Marketing: A Millennial's Mindset, part 3

July 9, 2018


Welcome back to Marketing: a Millennial’s Mindset. Today we are talking about advertisement ONE last time. (I promise, we will move on to the next topic soon :)


The last few weeks I’ve mentioned HOW to effectively advertise to us, but today I want to talk a little about what the ad should look like. This will be a little bit less dense than the last two points, but still just as important.


With that being said, let’s talk about aesthetic...


Advertising is all about aesthetics, right? Well, maybe not ALL about it, but appearance is a huge part of selling. Especially when you are selling to millennials. For me, if something isn’t visually appealing, it won’t catch my eye. As mentioned earlier, we are constantly bombarded by ads, and honestly, they all tend to blend together. Social media has done a lot of not so great things for our world, but one thing it has been good for is teaching us to appreciate a “good aesthetic”.


To combat:


Ok, so, a good rule of thumb would be: simpler is better. I love a good, clean advertisement that shows:

a) a picture (that isn’t too cluttered)

b) the brand name

c) a tagline that is about one sentence long.

Simple, clean, and straight to the point. I don’t have to invest too much time to read it. This way, even if we didn’t necessarily try to read it, we will. But, only because it takes like, maybe 0.02 seconds to digest the information.


Millennials are also turning over this new leaf called Minimalism, and it is bleeding into all aspects of our lives. ‘Less is more’ is kinda the concept, and it refers to the physical decluttering of the things in your life. The idea is also spreading into our visual ideals. We are more apt to enjoying visuals that are simple beauty, rather than crazy-cluttered images. This being said, don’t sacrifice content to be “clean.” Just try to avoid unnecessary additions that clutter up the ad.


Overall, aesthetic definitely isn’t everything. If you have a great look but a horrible product or aren’t a brand people want to support, your aesthetic won’t make a difference. But, for a generation that appreciates and looks for the beauty in everything -- it is necessary to consider. Because a top-notch aesthetic may just be what puts your brand ahead of the game.


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