Public Relations, the Unpaid Way to Grow

July 19, 2018

Hey guys! Today is an exciting day because we get to dive head first into the wild and exciting world of public relations !!! Woohoooo *insert ALL of the party emojis* Excited? No? Okay, well we are going to change that!


PR is one of my more recent obsessions. What was that, you said “That’s weird, Kylie, normal people your age have obsessions with famous people or bands or something, not marketing areas…” Yes, you would be correct. But alas, I am who I am.


ANYWAY, the reason PR has peaked my interest so much, I think, is due to my view of marketing as a whole. If you’ve been following along with this series, you may remember a few weeks ago when I talked about transparency in ads. It’s extremely important to me that anything I support advocates with transparency. At the core of what PR is, it breaks through companies’ boundaries that may be put up by paid or compensated ads.

So, let’s talk about a few things regarding PR that millennials actually listen for.


  1. It is new & relevant -










    With PR being another form of advertising for a business, what is revealed to the public needs to be relevant to the newest product or launch. PR lends a heavy hand to “business news” which very clearly means new. The PR story also needs to be relevant to readers. Make sure and think through what makes the product relevant to the target audience and portray that very clearly to the reader.

  2. It is transparent & real










    Sound familiar? The difference between PR and advertising is that one is paid, one is not. But, regardless -- they both need to be real. The general assumption of PR is that it is real and believable because it is uncompensated advertisement. So, be as transparent as possible in your PR stories, because that is what people are looking for, and that’s what makes PR what it is.

  3. It is concise & clear










    Lastly, state it simply. No one has all day long to read PR articles. So, if its more than 500 words, chances are people will lose interest and click away. PR isn’t meant to be visually appealing or enticing like an advertisement would be, so just get to the point then be done. Don’t add too many frills or anything. No one really has time for that, anyway.


Today we just kinda scratched the surface on this topic. Starting next week, I want to dive a little deeper into real examples of PR that millennials listen for.




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