Let's Be Multitasking Champions

September 18, 2018


Fall kicks off the year for many of you. Or at least the cool weather after a slow-motion muggy summer makes it feel like something fresh is beginning. People come back to life with the cooler air.


Conferences are scheduled.

Exhibits and trade shows happen every other weekend.

Schools and universities often have some impact on our businesses.

And for many entrepreneurs, this is the busiest time of the year simply because your clients are now more alert and ready to do business again. 


What I mean to say is, it’s time to crank it into high gear and juggle all the balls pummeling your way. 


Ahh yes, we come to the point about the obligatory multitasking: That manure pile you can smell from anywhere in the field.




It’s haunting, isn’t it?


You have so much calling for your attention- emails to answer, texts assaulting you, meetings to attend, brilliant ideas to instantly generate, and you can’t cover your eyes and make this stuff go away.


How can you manage it all?


There’s a lot of wisdom already out there on multitasking, but not every strategy works for every type of business. Entrepreneur Magazine, for one, features an article in their October 2018 issue that examines how nine entrepreneurs deal with the arduous and inescapable obligation to multitask. (How to Multitask Like Tim Ferriss, Randi Zuckerburg and Other Very Busy People) These all-stars have found ways to thrive in the area of multitasking by doing things like making calls on the walk to work, assigning a different task area to each day, or examining their calendar like a fanatic. 


I personally believe the only way I could multitask well is if I stuck my cell phone in a vat of hot tar and left it there for eternity. Doesn’t that sound so freeing?


But I also am willing to concede that some of the suggestions in this article look really good. And I would very much like to lose the stress that managing dozens of tasks brings along. 


Maybe all this cool, crisp air that promises to show itself soon can inspire you to be a multitasking champion. Maybe this is your year to learn to better manage your time, delegate out the details, and live happily as a multitasking entrepreneur. 



Or maybe you already have found success in this area.


So help the rest of us out: How DO you manage to slay the multitasking dragon in your field?


Give us your comments. Please. I haven’t heated up the hot tar for my phone, yet, and would love to avoid that hot mess in lieu of a brilliant multitasking tip from you.



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