“The Joy of Painting”: WCTE Brings Bob Ross to The Biz Foundry

September 26, 2018

The Biz Foundry rolled up its work sleeves and got artsy last Saturday. Blank canvases and expectant paintbrushes covered every available surface. To create more art space, temporary tables were unfolded and organized into rows. Anywhere an easel could be placed, an easel had place. Every space was used because every space was needed. It seemed that everyone wanted to paint with Bob Ross, and WCTE was determined to include as many people as the space could possibly accommodate.


The Bob Ross Inspired Painting Workshop was an undeniable hit. Jodi Pitts, the WCTE coordinator for the event, was thrilled by the turn out. She stated, “Everyone seemed to really have a great time and most people were surprised with their painting ability!” Pitts was also very happy with her partnership with The Biz Foundry. “The Biz Foundry was wonderful to work with," she said, "The space was perfect for our event and the ambiance in there is great.”


Participants ate, drank, and chatted with each other as they painted along with Bob Ross.

Don’t be alarmed or confused.

For obvious reasons, Bob Ross couldn’t be there in person, but he was absolutely there in spirit and in digital form. A large, flat-screen television was placed to the front of the tables. An episode of “The Joy of Painting” played in spurts and guided the participants through the process of painting a mountain scene.


WCTE partnered with the TTU Fine Arts Department for this event. The department handed out canvas totes and pencils. They also had student volunteers assist participants in the painting process. The volunteers milled about the narrow rows to respond to requests for help and for more paint. By the end of the event, every canvas was transformed into a unique work of art and a memory for each participant to take home.


If you missed your chance to paint with Bob Ross, or if you want to add a second masterpiece to your collection, you may be in luck! Due to the success of the event and strong community interest, WCTE is considering repeating the event in the future.




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