Eight Seconds To Make Customers Fall In Love Over Email

October 1, 2018

I’ve heard that the average person has an attention span of eight seconds or less when processing new information. So… if you want to get new clients to subscribe to your email list (and you do- it’s one of the best ways to communicate with target customers), you have to get them to fall in love with you in the first eight seconds of content.


No pressure or anything.


Just be amazing. 


Just make them believe in love at first sight, and feel it with you, IN EIGHT SECONDS.



Let’s get serious. Most of us don’t even know where to begin when we hear “email marketing.” We either want to poke our eyes out because we hate those darn spam emails, or cry because the only person who reads our company’s email blasts is our mom. (Hi Mom.)


Thankfully there are pros like Shelby Burr, marketing expert out of Chattanooga, who can help. Shelby is rounding out the fourth and final installment of The Biz Foundry’s series on marketing with her workshop on email marketing this month. She will cover email marketing best practices, compare some email marketing service providers, dive into the world of something called A/B testing, and get into the gritty details of things like “how to WIN when it comes to your subject line and preview text.”




This course will be perfect for you if you are interested in email marketing and looking for the best first-steps to creating your email platform. And if you still need some convincing that email marketing is a great tool to reach your audience and create a personal, trusting relationship with them, read these six reasons why email marketing is a must for small businesses, according to inboundrocket.co:


  • It is four times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media.

  • It is one of the cheapest forms of outreach with one of the best returns on your investment. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $40 in ROI.

  • It allows you to divide your customers into various lists and craft personal, targeted messages to these lists, which gives each person something more of value to them. (As opposed to a general tweet put out there for the world.) It’s personal and customizable.

  • It’s transactional. Action-oriented. With an email, you can reply, forward, click through, or redirect to the website to make purchases.

  • It gives you concrete information as a marketer. Email marketing platforms track what gets opened, what gets clicked, and how many unsubscribe. Very handy.

  • Mobile devices make it possible for people to check their email all the live-long day. With the growth of social media, have people stopped checking their emails? No. You’re probably out and about, reading this from your cell phone as you read this.


I hope you’re convinced that you need to get some decent email marketing skills. And I hope you make it in to the class, because space is actually quite limited. Our marketing workshop series has been a great hit and sessions actually fill up. 


So you might want to put off whatever it was you were about to do after checking your email and sign up for the workshop now. 


It’s October 18, 5:30pm. Click here



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