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November 1, 2018

Let me throw some statistics at you: 



40% of new entrepreneurs in the United States are women. And in our nation all together, there are 11,600,000 women-owned businesses, generating $1,700,000,000,000 in sales. That’s a number in the trillions, my friend. 

Applause! Yes! I hear it somewhere…


This seems like positive progress compared to ages past, right? I think it is. I’m optimistic. 


Now let’s look at some non-progress. Some sad statistics. According to a well-known survey carried out by 99designs, male entrepreneurs are twice as likely to raise $100,000 or more in outside funding for their startups than female entrepreneurs. And this is probably an improvement compared to decades ago. Eeek. Plus, 82% of all entrepreneurs – men AND women – work 40 hours a week or more.


So, grand conclusion for my girls out there: You work hard. You are in danger of burning out. 














How can you invest in you? How do you spend time ON your business, not just IN your business? 


This is not a plug, it's just truth: We honestly want to be the resource that helps you do this. The Biz Foundry wants to see you grow. Entrepreneurs are our heart. Which is why we have designed workshops to educate, encourage and challenge entrepreneurs of all sorts.


In light of all my sad statistics, I feel like I ought to point out that there’s an event coming up for you ladies in particular called, “Burning Bright Without Burning Out.” Booth Andrews – mentor, trainer, consultant, and I’m pretty sure she’s completed more Olympic-distance triathlons than you (three of them), is our guest speaker. 


If 46% of businesses fail due to incompetence, this is a plea to invest in your competency. This workshop is hosted through our Ladies Lunch & Learn event, meeting during the lunch hour on November 8th. If you have never come to this, please know you’re welcome. And please also know that you ought to sign up online, so we will have lunch for you. 


It's exciting to get to be a part of changing the statistics with you all. 


Note: Booth Andrews visited The Biz Foundry November 8th, 2018.


The Ladies Lunch & Learn is held every second Thursday of the month.  To reserve your seat for the next one, click HERE.


It's exciting to get to be a part of changing the statistics with you all. 


Click here to reserve your seat.

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