Do I Need a Content Writer?

June 21, 2019



Originally published June 15, 2019 on Captivating.Press


Do I Need a Content Writer? 


Good content also drives SERP rankings and brand visibility. If you want to see a high ROI on your marketing, hiring the right content writer better be your first stop.


That’s where I come in. You’ve got the company, you’ve got your products and services all in a row, and you’re active across the internet. Yet somehow, your numbers aren’t growing how you’d hoped. Don’t people understand how fantastic your product is?! Well…no. They don’t. Not yet at least.



What Customers Really Want: Who & How. Not What.


Customer engagement isn’t the same game anymore. People don’t want to be anthropomorphize dollar-signs in the eyes of corporations. They want to be human. Also, They want you to be human. Customers want to see the wizard behind the curtain, the human behind the product, and the value behind the company.


Before your audience decides to shop with you, they’re not concerned with what your product does for them. They’re bombarded by advertisements pushing new products. They’re tired of the commercial onslaught. They don’t want to consume. They want interaction and engagement. They want to know who you are and how you can benefit them before money even enters their equation.



Classic marketing lacks the human element. It misses the conversational style that acknowledges mutual respect and benefit. Customers want reciprocity and connection. They want to know that your company values them as people and not just as customer. A customer who feels affinity to your brand, your values, and your personality is more likely to be a loyal and repeat customer. The trick is creating content that shows them everything they need and want to know.



Great! How Do I Do That?


By hiring a content writer!


Yes, but I want to try this on my own before it comes to that.


Fair enough.


First things first. You need to stop seeing you customers as anthropomorphized dollar signs. It sounds crazy, but hey….you’re human. They’re human. You have more in common than you’d think. Start there.


Find your humanity and (maybe a little harder) find your customers’ humanity. Think of them and yourself as people with wants, needs, strengths, and limitations. Picture the type of people your customers are. Are they young? Old? Somewhere in between? What do they want from your company? More importantly, what do you want from your company?


If you can remember why you started your company in the first place, you will find the answers to the above questions. Did you become a florist because you love flowers? Perfect! You have your in.


Start talking to your customers about flowers. The varieties and types. The folklore and history of each species and hybrid. Write posts about what types of flowers are appropriate for which occasion. Reignite your own passion for your product, and you will discover exactly what your customers want to hear.


Now that you’ve found your own passion for your business, let’s talk about your customers a little more. Remember when I asked you to picture your ideal customer? Return to that. Grab a sheet of paper and a writing utensil. Write or draw every characteristic you can think of about this person. Write them down like you’re remembering an old friend.

You got it?


Congratulations, you now have your conversational partner! This is the person for whom you write all your content. Ever blog post, every article, every social blurb, all of it is written to the ideal customer you just created.



What Do I Do Now?


Take your newly rekindled passion, focus on your conversational partner, and start talking!



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