In Loving Memory: Blood Drive at TBF

August 20, 2019

Inspiration is a word that is often tossed around in the world of entrepreneurship. Founders will often tell their story of what inspired them to create their product, their service, their business.  Sometimes that inspiration comes from a direct correlation. There was problem X, so an entrepreneur will create Y to solve X. (There’s my math mind coming out.) But sometimes, inspiration is just a fire that get inside your soul and takes your life on a path you weren’t planning on.  Maybe you hear a business that someone has started and think “I could do something like that too.” Or you just see someone’s zest for life and think “I would like to have that zest too.”


My personal inspiration came in the summer of 2015.  My niece, Josie, was born on May 25. Within hours, she was hooked up to many machines, given blood transfusions, and put one of those clear plastic boxes to get her healthy.  Within days, Josie was transferred to a NICU at the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Noonan’s Syndrome, and went on to have two major surgeries. After 109 days, Josie gained her angel wings. In those 109 days, this baby taught many people to slow down, enjoy life, push yourself to be the best version you can be daily, and to donate blood.  In her short life, she received 9 blood or platelet donations. Nine people spent the time to go and donate and give us more time with Josie. Following Josie’s death, hundreds of people have been inspired to donate. For each pint of blood donated, three lives can be saved! 



In entrepreneurship and life in general, you can get so caught up in what you are doing.  You think “If I don’t get this flyer perfect, I will never sell what I need to” or “I am not leaving this room until my Quickbooks is perfect.” Sometimes, you need to take a second.  Doing something bigger than yourself, or your business or even your portion of the world, can recharge your batteries and allow you to be even better for those around you.


In honor of Josie’s 4 year anniversary of gaining her angel wings, The Biz Foundry will be hosting a blood drive at 114 N. Cedar Ave on September 13th 10am - 3pm. You can sign up If you have questions, please email


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